Music theatre

Alongside opera, Hadleigh has always had a great affinity with music theatre. With a desire to continue to perform this repertoire while maintaining both a concert and stage career, Hadleigh wrote a music theatre/opera cabaret called "90 minutes and two martinis later". The piece was first performed in late 2014 to rave reviews, and has grown and  evolved with each season of performances. 

The work's primary focus is why anyone would choose to be an opera singer in this day and age. Performing a mix of amplified music theatre, and acoustic classical pieces, he explains the reasons that many still desire to work in these most complex of art forms, why they're still 'relevant', and why they still give us so much joy. Hadleigh weaves this musical journey with the story of his own life from the outskirts of a town in New Zealand to the lights of the San Francisco Opera, and shares why he chose this life.

Selling out his opening four-night season in San Francisco, Hadleigh has performed this show throughout the Bay Area over the past two years, and in the 2016/17 season returns to San Francisco to perform a further four show season in mid February. 

Details to come early December

Bring Him Home
Les Misérables

The Impossible Dream
The Man of La Mancha

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!